Welcome to Episode 1 of the
Immune Defense Summit

Dr. Robert DeMaria

Dangers to Immunity

See how negative emotions alter organ function and immunity
6 body signals linked to immune system dysfunction
Dr. Bob’s plan to restore a weakened immune system

Ronnie Cummins

Major Immunity Threats

How modern food production destroys our health
Hidden waste products in our food supply
Honesty about GMOs, organic food (and more!)

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Rafael Kellman, MD

The Master Key to Immune Health

How the microbiome influences immunity
Overcoming autoimmune disorders
Important advice for all healthcare providers

Joseph Pizzorno, ND

The Toxin Solution: Avoiding Disease

Which diseases are caused by toxins?
Toxins that MUST be avoided
Links to allergies and autoimmune issues

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Ty Bollinger

Avoiding Cancer Cell Growth

The unpopular truth about cancer cells
Most potent anticancer foods and supplements
Common lifestyle habits to avoid

Episode 1

Greatest Health Threats

Episode 2

Important Action Steps

Episode 3

Natural Immune Solutions

Episode 4

Censored Truths

Episode 5

Super Immunity Tips

Episode 6

Fixing Immune Dysfunction

Episode 7

Lifesaving Immune Strategies



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