Welcome to Episode 4 of the
Immune Defense Summit

Cynthia Foster, MD

Remedies When Sick

Dr. Foster shows you how to quickly get rid of a cold or flu
Two strategies to bring down a fever safely and effectively
Natural ways to remove upper respiratory congestion

Donna Powers

The Hidden Value of Fevers

True purpose of a fever
Why reducing a fever could be a mistake
Safe remedies to treat a fever

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Chris Shade, PhD

How Chronic Infections Block Detox

Chronic infections rarely discussed
Special warning for healthcare providers
Which nutrients improve detox pathways

Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP

Candida and Immunity: Solutions You Need to Know

Candida misunderstandings revealed
Why candida is hard to eliminate
Safely remove the threat of candida

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James Colquhoun

Best Foods for Immune Strength

Where does immunity live?
Amazing truths about fermented foods
Revealing look at probiotics (and more!)

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Greatest Health Threats

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Important Action Steps

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Natural Immune Solutions

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Censored Truths

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Super Immunity Tips

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Fixing Immune Dysfunction

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Lifesaving Immune Strategies



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